Transforming the world with the power of AI.

Who We Are

Tentosoft Solutions is a company that focuses primarily on producing highly innovative products of the highest quality. We help deliver business outcomes for our clients at speed and at scale, spotting new opportunities and confronting challenges.
                   Our extensive manufacturing knowledge and expertise in turnkey product development allow us to assist our customers in the development of products that provide an excellent experience for their end users.

Our Products

With our state-of-the-art self-service business platform, you can empower your organisation with insightful data.

Tento Pos

Our restaurant technology platform enables operators of restaurants to grow their businesses at scale, improve their operational efficiency, and provide a more consistent experience for their customers

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Tento Vision

A future-proof AI surveillance solution with cloud storage, motion detection, intrusion detection, and rapid alert that enables you to notice and respond in real-time to suspicious activities.

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Tento Face

To provide our customers with the highest level of safety, we have developed a facial Recognition Solution that gives users the ability to acknowledge facial profiles.

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Industries We ServeĀ 

Every industry is distinct in its own way. Understanding the specific obstacles that each market must overcome is essential to the success of a firm.


Navigating the path to a future that is secure, connected, autonomous , reliable and super intelligent.

Retail Management Systems

To create business operations that provide benefits not only to the company but also to the customers it serves.


Supplying grain-to-granary information to agribusinesses, through real-time data with the help of IoT and Drones

Data and Analytics

Enhancing data lifecycle management in commercial enterprises through the application of data and analytics.

Our Areas of Expertise

With expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Cloud and IoT, we deliver solutions that fulfill the traditional, transformational and future needs of clients across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence

Helping to responsibly expand access to artificial intelligence, we can help your company thrive by integrating AI into every part of operations.

Edge Computing

Our edge computing gateways are the best options for IoT applications due to their robust FAE compatibility and speedy app deployment assistance.

Internet of Things

We are powering change across industries with our IoT solutions. Create memorable customer experiences and engineer digital ecosystems without boundaries.

Cloud Computing

Our Cloud Services provide support for cutting-edge technologies that enable businesses to more fully embrace the digital revolution.

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